When We First Met (2018) - Review

by - January 01, 2019

Synopsis: After spending a night with the girl of his dreams only to become just friends, a man gets the opportunity to travel through time and alter that night over and over again until he gets everything perfect and makes her his.

All he needs is a second chance to be her first choice.

I have found I really love Adam Devine as a romantic lead (or comedic lead... or both). He's got just the right amount of charm and 'nice guy' persona without being bland or wooden. He's proven he can be funny and a bit arrogant (Pitch Perfect), and When We First Met showcases his ability to carry a movie as a likable lead. I've been a fan of Shelley Hennig's for a while now as well and was pleased when I realized she played much more than just the typical rom-com best friend. She and Devine have an easy rapport and you can sense almost immediately that their chemistry is much more interesting than Noah and Avery's (Alexandra Daddario).

The movie plays on the Groundhog Day trope, shifting back in time repeatedly as Noah continues to try and find the right things to say and do in order to win Avery over as more than a friend. As one might predict, nothing really works out the way Noah plans and while the various scenarios are amusing, the plot doesn't really kick off until Noah begins to realize that maybe he's been chasing the wrong girl all along.

Daddario's Avery and Robbie Amell's Ethan are woefully underdeveloped as characters. Not that they're terribly essential to the plot, as the movie really shines when it's focused solely on Noah and Carrie (Hennig), but it would have been nice to see just why Noah was so enthralled with Avery beyond that one night at Halloween. Despite some silly moments (and a horrible 'fat suit' which looks more like a pillow shoved under Noah's shirt), I really enjoyed this one and was a big fan of the ending (which, admittedly I saw coming in the first 20 minutes but that didn’t ruin it for me).

Starring: Adam Devine, Shelley Hennig, Robbie Amell, Alexandra Daddario
Directed By: Ari Sandel
Watch It Now: Netflix
Rated: NR
Watched: 08.18.2018
Fun Facts:
- The song that Noah sings once he figures out that he's in 2014, and has the chance to re-do his meeting with Avery, is "Back in Time", which features significantly in another time-traveling movie: Back To The Future.
- Writer John Whittington envisioned Adam Devine in the role of Noah, and credits Devine with helping get the movie made.
Notable Song: Shout by Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario

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