2 Days in New York (2012) - Review

by - April 11, 2019

Synopsis: Manhattan couple Marion and Mingus, who each have children from prior relationships, find their comfortable family dynamic jostled by a visit from Marion's relatives.

Julie Delpy's follow up to 2 Days in Paris (which admittedly, I have not yet seen), finds her character Marion having split from Jake (Adam Goldberg) and living with her new boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock) in New York. They're raising her son Lulu, as well as Mingus's daughter Willow from his first marriage. Things seem pretty cozy in their tiny New York apartment, but all of that changes over the course of two days when Marion's family from France arrives to attend the opening of her art show.

Her father Jeannot (Albert Delpy, Julie's real-life father), her sister Rose (Alexia Landeau) and Rose's boyfriend Manu (Alexandre Nahon) instantly make a less than favorable impression when Jeannot and Manu are held up at customs for four hours due to their attempts to smuggle sausages into the country. Things become chaotic almost instantly. Rose and Marion are constantly clashing, Manu makes some pretty creepy, suggestive remarks towards Mingus's sister, and Mingus and Jeannot have difficulty overcoming language barriers to have any kind of meaningful conversation.

Albert Delpy is really a delight. He really seems to be having such fun in this movie, and I found the broken conversations between him and Mingus to be one of the only highlights. Delpy is a wonderful actress and she and Rock had a very easy, understated chemistry that made me want to see things work out for them in the midst of all the frustration and familial annoyances. Chris Rock gives a very good, natural performance as Mingus and it was quite nice to see him in such a restrained role. I have to say that I related to Mingus the most out of the entire ensemble because the longer this movie went on and the more obnoxious Marion's family became, the more annoyed I felt to the point where I considered turning it off. How he managed to hold his shit together, I'll never know because I was ready to scream about ten minutes into the French family's arrival. Yes, there are a few funny moments, but ultimately it's four people arguing in French and being horrible to each other and others, while Mingus looks on either confused or horrified.

2 Days in New York has a very manic, claustrophobic feel to it. It's full of painfully unfunny scenes that left me cringing and had any of characters been worth caring for, that might have been okay. The movie started out strong with a charming synopsis of how Marion and Mingus got together, but as soon as Marion's family showed up, it simply lost its way. There is a bizarre scene where Vincent Gallo buys Marion's soul at her art show, but it felt extremely out of place considering the initial tone of the movie, and all I can say is the entire thing just felt unfocused and uneven. Admittedly, the last ten minutes are pretty cute, a nice bookend to the beginning, but I was more than a little relieved when it finally ended.

Starring: Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alexandre Nahon
Directed by: Julie Delpy
Rated: R
Watched: 04.10.2019
Fun Facts:
- The role of Mingus was specifically written with Chris Rock in mind.
Notable Song: Lost Again by Julie Delpy

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