It Was Like Magic stems from my love of romantic comedies and dramedies. I discovered Letterboxd last summer and decided to start watching and rewatching rom-coms so I could review them for the site. From there it kind of blossomed into sharing my reviews on Instagram and Tumblr. I decided I wanted a bit more control over how I presented my reviews, which led me to this site.

It's not much, and I'm certainly not a professional film critic or writer, but all I can do is be honest in my reviews and hope you find some use out of them. I am well aware that romantic comedies are not cinematic masterpieces. Most do not trigger intense profound discussion about filmmaking and life itself. What they DO do, for me, is create a sense of escapism and fantasy. I love watching them because of how they make me feel (well, MOST of them!).


So this site is devoted to my love of the genre. If you've stumbled across this blog, maybe you feel the same. If not, that's okay too! Feel free to comment or reach out to me via email if you have any questions or concerns.

For any book lovers, you can find me on Goodreads as well!

- Sara


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